Hyprotect FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the shelf life of HyProtect implants?

A: The shelf life is three years from the date on the inner label


Q: What is the return policy for HyProtect Implants?

A: All HyProtect™ implants are non-returnable once opened. Only unopened implants in undisturbed* packaging are eligible for a complete return or refund.

We have a thorough final audit process that ensures implants are checked a minimum of two times prior to being packaged and shipped. We will offer an exact exchange for implants received damaged. No credit will be given. 

*disturbed packaging means the two inner pouches the implant is packaged in has been stretched, torn, punctured or manipulated in any way including attempts to reseal original packaging.


Q: I accidentally grabbed the wrong implant and opened it. What are my options?

A: Opening the implant’s two interior pouches exposes the implant to the relative humidity in the air and thus activates the antimicrobial properties. 

In the event that an implant is mistakenly opened but not used, here are your options:

  • Use the implant for another patient case within days with minimal degradation of the antimicrobial effectiveness. Implants should be fully dried and returned to the pouches they came in as best as  possible. It is recommended to use these implants as soon as        possible; however, sterility can not be guaranteed.
  • Sterilize it with traditional methods and use as a non-antimicrobial implant


Q: Can I autoclave HyProtect coated implants?

A: DO NOT AUTOCLAVE! HyProtect™ implants are packaged sterile. Autoclaving will drastically reduce the effectiveness of the HyProtect™ antimicrobial properties and is unnecessary.


Q: How should I manage my inventory? 

A: We recommend you cycle your inventory on a first in - first out basis. This ensures your newest inventory is used last and your oldest inventory is used first.


Q: I noticed some small scratches and nicks on the surface of my implant? Does this affect its performance?

A: All VOI implants pass stringent quality tests but may endure minor nicks and scratches during manufacturing. These minor nicks and scratches may become more apparent with the HyProtect™ application. This will be less apparent on implants with a matte finish. These minor nicks and scratches do not alter the structural integrity or quality of the implants. Our implants are crafted from German-sourced 316 LVM stainless steel or titanium. Material certifications are available upon request.