Downloads and Templates


Crescentic Blade Template

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1.5 mm DT Locking Fracture Plates

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2.0 DT Locking Compression Plates

665.4 KB

2.4 mm DT Locking Compression Plates

443.7 KB

2.7 mm DT Locking Compression Plates

567.8 KB

3.5 mm Narrow DT Locking Compression Plates

1750.5 KB

3.5 mm Broad DT Locking Compression Plates

1.2 MB

Double Threaded Pantarsal Arthrodesis Plates

289.4 KB

Double Threaded Acetabular Plates


Double Threaded LockingT Plates

502 KB

Double Threaded Locking Pre contoured Arthrodesis Plates

537.5 KB

Small Y Plates

71.1 KB

Large Y Plates


Elite TPLO Plates - All Sizes

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CBLO Plates - All Sizes

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2.0mm DT Lengthening/Bridging Plates

587.8 KB

2.4mm DT Lengthening/Bridging Plates

662.7 KB

2.7mm DT Lengthening/Bridging Plates

668.8 KB

3.5mm Narrow DT Lengthening/Bridging Plates

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3.5mm Broad DT Lengthening/Bridging Plates

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Instrument Catalogs

Aesculap Instruments Catalog

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Aesculap Instruments Supplement

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Wall Charts

CBLO Section Chart

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VOI CBLO Rotation Chart

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VOI TPLO Rotation Chart

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VOI Suture Conversion Selection Chart

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VOI Screw Head Reference

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Product Flyers

NEW Sta-Fix Pin

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Pre Contoured Carpal Arthrodesis Plates

820 KB

VOI Suture Benefits

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Small Breed Fracture Flyer

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Certificate of Sterilization

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User Manuals

DeSoutter VDrive User Manual

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Aesculap Instruments Care Guide

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